ALBUMS: The Touchers mangaged to put out seven CDs all together.


Blithe cover

Blithe was recorded with Chuck Goodwin at Sinik Sound right after their spring tour 2007. It was mixed by Jack Endino and released a year later by Mental Records. It is the only CD to feature the final Touchers lineup of Ben, August, Drew and Rob. It also features Jason Lytle of Grandaddy on backing vocals and Tom Day on steel guitar. All the art was created by Rachel Driscoll.




Underwater Fascist cover

The Underwater Fascist was recorded in Seattle by Jack Endino in 2006. It features the "classic" line-up of Ben, Donnie, Keith and Blue. It also features Tol on vocals and the art of Rachel Driscoll, August Rutkowski and Mike Weix. This album was originally titled The Long Goodbye and had 17 tracks. The released version has only 13. Maybe Chuck will put the deleted ones out some day.




Pretty Baby cover

Pretty Baby was recorded in Bozeman, MT by Chuck Goodwin at Sinik Sound. It is a barrage of 25 touching songs put out by Beard of Blood records in 2005. The cover art is by Megan Pickerell and The Touchers. Did I hear Keith singing one on there?





Livebelow cover

This live album was recorded at the Zebra Below in Bozeman on April 1 2004. It's a good selection of 25 tunes that draws from the three previous albums. It originally sold for $6.66.





The Shotgun cover

The Shotgun was recorded in Bozeman, MT by Chuck Goodwin at Sinik Sound in 2003. It is made up of 17 tracks that run like Minute Men songs. A quick slap in the face and on to the next. This may be the most 'country' of all the Touchers CDs. It has some of Ben's best loved songs and a cover of the B.U.T tune Drive to Angel. There may even be a hidden track or two.




Bloodbath cover

Bloodbath was also recorded in Bozeman, MT by Chuck Goodwin at Sinik Sound. It is the first release to feature Ben, Donnie, Keith and Blue. Some people feel it is the best Touchers album. Ben did not share that opinion. Bloodbath has recently been rereleased and is available now at





Headless Breakfast cover

This is the first Touchers release and features Ben with a host of guests, some of whom would become members: Megan Pickerell, Chris Donahue, Keith Martinez, Basil, Texter, Johnathan Drews, Ron Sanchez, Mike Weix, Dave Arnot, Taylor, Matt Barton and Chuck Goodwin. Headless Breakfast was recorded by Ron Sanchez at his home studio in Bozeman. Many of the songs on this CD show up on subsequent albums.